Legislation regarding outdoor activities has become increasingly demanding. Most party leaders are bound by guidelines concerning ski snowboard tuition/guiding provided by their party members. We are able to help to organise a variety of subsidised ski courses, which give individuals the opportunity to develop a range of mountain skills.

Courses organised throughout the year include:

  • Snowsport Scotland Alpine Ski Leader
  • Mountain related first aid
  • PSIA Ski Instructor courses Levels 1-3
  • Revalidation for Snowboard Scotland and BASI Awards
  • Personal Performance Courses
  • Resort familiarisation weeks
  • Trainee ski tutor guide weeks
  • Ski tutor guide residential training week
  • In service training days

We should be happy to sponsor the full amount of a place on a Snowsport Scotland Alpine Ski Leader course to any party leader booking their first ski tour with them.

Calendar of Events 2019 2020
5 to 6 Oct First Aid Worcester
25 Oct - 03 Nov 25 Oct - 03 Nov Stubai Austria
25 Oct - 03 Nov Instructor foundation training Stubai Austria
25 Oct - 03 Nov PSIA Level 1 course and exam Stubai Austria
25 Oct - 03 Nov ASL + PSIA revalidation Stubai Austria
23 Nov ASL revalidation Tamworth
23 Nov PSIA credits Tamworth
23 Nov Staff training day Tamworth
24 Nov ASL revalidation Hemel Hempstead
24 Nov PSIA credits Hemel Hempstead
24 Nov Staff training day Hemel Hempstead
13 Dec to 21 Dec Familiarisation / shadow placements Stubai Austria
18 Jan PSIA credits Glasgow
12 April PSIA level 1 & 2 exams Austria

Ski Astons is committed to helping individuals gain any snowsport qualification.

With an increasing demand for teachers to carry respective licences, all of our courses are offered at subsidised rates to those party leaders involved with their own school ski courses.

Half price & free places are available with our ASL and PSIA courses to those enrolling their group with the Ski Astons winter school programme. These apply to those carrying bookings into the 2020 / 2021 season if a 2020 booking already exists.

Assisted places for Ski Instructor courses are also offered to those offering their services to the Ski Astons winter programme following qualification. Commitment to full seasons in this instance is not a requirement and occasional weeks are offered.

Courses for
Party leaders
First Aid
The Club